Friday, March 5, 2010

Creech Holler - The Shovel and The Gun (2008)

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Thanks to 'Croooww' for introducing me into this amazing band, I've been listening to this all days since I got this. Here's Tennessee-based Creech Holler, a trio playing such a thrillin' mixture of country, blues and garage... damn, it's been a while when I've heard such an intensive blues/rock album.
The dark storylines and thick, fuzzy, primitive rhythms of Creech Holler's music take you to a Mississippi delta juke joint or a mountainside in Appalachia (from their Myspace-page). Take a listen to 'Serpent King' or 'Willie Williams' for example, words are inadequate here, 'Maggie Rose', Raymond Lee' ... hey... all 11 tracks are killer...

Croooww, once again, thank you very much.

Creech Holler on Myspace Preview The Shovel and The Gun Here



Hey Pascalito my friend.Greetings from Greece i wish you and your family is doing well.Nice band you introduce to us and this is their first record back in 2006

Pascalito's Way said...

Hi Peter,
Thx for this, I'll post it properly, great band indeed...
Gonna see 'Goudi' tonight (a guy from my hometown Ostend), here's a link:

Grtz to you and your family as well.

Chema CazuRotten said...

great band!!
Thank Man!!