Sunday, August 23, 2009

Black Smokers - Used (2009)

front cover

Black Smokers, hailing from Alessandria (Italy), are a deep 'down-home-psycho-rock-blues' duo featuring Marcello 'Blues Milanese' ('brutal-slide'guitar, vocals) and 'trashcan' drummer Ivano 'Little Lung' Zanotti. Imagine Tom Waits fronting a dirty deltablues garage outfit. Another garage-blues duo, except that these two punters learned their dirty black snake moan in the oddly un-Deltalike environs of Italy rather than some more appropriate mudhole like Mississippi or Texas, or even Chicago's West Side. Pay the purists grumbling never mind, tho ',' cause the Black Smokers - brutal slide-guitarist/vocalist Marcello Milanese and M80-in-a-hurricane Trashcan drummer Ivano Zanotti - are possessed by the spirit, and the tuneage they crank out on used, their erstwhile U.S. debut, is every bit as gritty, fiery, and funky as any you'll barroom blooze funnel into yer brainpan this year (source: Blurt). They played at the Deep Blues Festival (MN) recently, sharing the stage with bands such as High Plane Drifters, Cashman, Black Diamond Heavies and a lot more. For further info about this brilliant event, click here.

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