Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Rockford Mules - Crooked Tooth (2006)

front cover
The Rockford Mules were founded in Minneapolis basement during the winter of 2005. Expect here some stampeding lap steel guitar, a bone carving rhythm section all this added with soulful lyrics, or as they wrote, the songs draw on the earthy elements of early southern rock infused with seventies dirty sonic sneer. This 7 song EP was their debut release. If you're searching to some splendid southern-blues hardrock tunes, than is 'Crooked Tooth' probably your thing.
A huge thx goes to our friend from Greece, Peter.
Our prayers are with the Greek citizens, who are fighting huge fires. Keep faith.

The Rockford Mules on Myspace Download Crooked Tooth

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TONA said...

Yea, this is really good band, Zodiac
Lung recommended them a while ago,
good thing i gave it shot!