Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bull Dyke Rodeo - Bull Dyke Rodeo II: Dykefuge (2009)

front cover

Dropped in my mailbox a few days back, thx! This isn't the regular stuff I normally post, but it's well worth to check. They wrote: Hey,Cody here from the Wisconsin-based doom band Bull Dyke Rodeo. We're all big fans of your blogs and would love if you would feature our newest album, bull dyke rodeo II: dykefuge, on your blog. We'd love share our music with you and your readers. I've attached the album artwork for the album, and you can obtain our album from the rapid-share link below. Keep Dooming,

As they said, doom is the main part on this platter, however it's very well varied with stoner, metal and postrock .
So, ... keep supporting the artists, go to their shows, buy some CD's, vinyls, T-shirts...
The downloadlink is theirs.
If you like this, you can purchase it here.

Bull Dyke Rodeo on Myspace Download Bull Dyke Rodeo II Dykefuge (their own link)

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Cody Sand said...

Cody from bull dyke rodeo here.

If you're interested in purchasing the album, it is now available on our online store at: