Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Electric Orange - Abgelaufen (2001)

front cover

Requested by gav-the-lad via 'Wine, Women And Song' blogspot. Electric Orange are a German space rock band, formed in the early nineties. 'Abgelaufen' was released in 2001, but it was based on sessions which were recorded 'till July 1999 and August 2000. Expect a trippy, repetitive and fairly laid back album, containing spoken words, and a sound you can discribe as Pink Floyd meets CAN!-ish krautrock/fusion.

Electric Orange on Myspace Download Abgelaufen


mr.A said...

Damn You're fast dude. An other awesome record by these guys!

LL was great btw, awesome to see the Crooked guys blast everybody away with something they didnt know. They where a winner, just like the guys and gal from the Crystal Antlers, damn they are good.
The rest was fun & beer, and it was pretty cool to see Chriss Gross from Masters of Reality sing along with the Eagles of Death Metal. Who did a bad show... but who give a damn, they are are cool anyway...


gav-the-lad said...

Thank you for posting this so quickly. Looking forward to hearing it.

Cheers bro

pascalito said...

The 'Crooked' were on Pukkelpop as well, but I couldn't go (work), damn..., but i have nice prospects, I'll go to Nebula and Masters of Reality at the same weekend (early Oct).

mr.A said...

Me too Pascalito are you going to see them in 013 Tilburg BTW...

pascalito said...

Nebula I'm gonna see Nebula in Sojo (Leuven), MOR in Minnemeerspark (Ghent).
I'm really looking forward to this.