Thursday, December 24, 2009

Paper - An Object (2009)

So, here's my today's gift with 'An Object', Paper's highly anticipated debut album. Paper is a hypnotic kraut-punk band and featuring members of Audionom. Of course you will hear the Audionom influences, but Paper's sound is a bit more punk related. It's definitaly a great piece of kraut-postpunk. Enjoy.

Paper on Myspace Preview An Object Here

Best wisches for a merry X-mas, may your X-mas be filled with joy and happiness. Grtz Pascalito.


mr.A said...

Nice xmass for you too!!!

Jody Frosty said...

Wow man! I really enjoy Band Of Skulls. Now, I'm downloading Mathias Hellberg record too...

anyway, happy holidays from Brazil!

See ya!

Cha said...

God, love you for this sharing.