Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fiub - :::U::: (2008)

front cover

And here's another bluesrock duo, Fiub, hailing from Italy and consisting Gabriel Ferrer (vocals and guitar) and Pierangelo Mecca (drums). They met each other in 2003 at a Misfits gig. In 2004 they released their first EP 'The Brown Stripes', which was sold out in no time,. In May 2006 they released their first full-lenght 'Ciubirismeicheuan', which got good critics, both from press and public. Their follow up, entitled ':::U:::' ( in fact it's a 10") was released in April 2008 on vinyl and as free download. On side A ( the Jesus side) you will hear mostly acoustic blues, on Satan's side you get powerful electric riffage, groovy stonerlicks and drifting psychedelic post-punk.

Fiub on Myspace Download :::U::: Here


phi_ said...

wow thanks for this! great album

mr.A said...

Awesome dude!! Like this one very much.

Jack said...

what's the password for this file?