Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Post Stardom Depression - Ordinary Miracles (2003)

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It seems that no one ever has heard of this cool band, Post Stardom Depression. I present you their first (and best ?) full-lenght, hoping they get the attention they deserve. 'Ordinary Miracles' is a rockin', blues-influenced, post-punk explosion, opening with "Monster", where the lead singer is proclaiming "sometimes I just wanna fuck", so you know you're in for a good time, partying, hard rock record that will fulfill even the most jaded of rockers. The whole album keeps you rocking, the buzzing guitars, loud rhythm section, and deep, dark vocals are the perfect combination to keep things tight, energetic and ultimately fun. This Tacoma-based foursome has released one EP ( Sexual Uno, produced by Chriss Goss) and two full-lenghts, 'Ordinary Miracles' and 'Primetime Looks A Lot Like Amateur Night'.

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