Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pearlene - Murder Blues & Prayer (2003)

front cover
Lets start this last month of 2009 with a heavy and psychedelic/garage blues trip from a Cincinnati-based combo.
This band got its ass on the road playing coast-to-coast US and UK gigs with some of this eras more explosive acts such as, Dead Meadow, The White Stripes, Detroit Cobras and Bellrays, as well as blues and punk survivors like T-Model Ford and Dead Moon. With the aid of several drummers and contributions from members of the Soledad Brothers, Glaser and Ebaugh went on to record two raucous stomp blues records, a self tilted album released by Sympathy for The Record Industry and Murder Blues and Prayer on the L.A. indie label Dimmak. Pearlene went on to get several lengthy features in Fader magazine and Murder Blues was singled out by Denise Sullivan of Rolling Stone as one of her top 10 albums of the year. Though “twangy, bluesy, dirty-ass soul-rock boogie” clichés may apply to some extent, there’s always been something else at work here. As one critic said about their sophomore release “they have a live impromptu approach that would normally give them a fun sound. (Last FM)

Pearlene on Myspace Download Murder Blues & Prayer Here


el biscocho de la muerte said...

congrats for that blog i really appreciate to discover new bands like that !thanks again

pascalito said...

'el biscocho de la muerte', you're welcome.