Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Low Point Drains - Low Point Drains (2004)

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I was searching this for a long time, but now the 'Mojo' has fulfilled my request, thx Bubba. Now, who the f**k is Low Point Drains ? They started as a duo in '98 consisting Mr. Point (guitar/vocals) and Mr. Drain (drums) and hailing from a place called 'HELLevoetsluis' (the Netherlands). In 2005 they were assisted on bass by ... of course Mr Low. They will kick your ass with 17 filthy trash-garage and sleazy bluesy tracks, and as you already all know, such a gritty, noisy and bluesy reverb-filled garage punk makes me very happy. As far I know, this is their only full-lenght they have released, followed by two 7 inches (Bottle 'O' Whiskey in 2005 and Slovenly 45-series in 2006), I'm even not sure they still exist. And once again, a big thanks goes to the Musical Mojo blogspot.

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All credits to 'Bubba'

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lowpointdrains said...

Yep, they still exist:
Thanks for reviewing!

Greets, Mr. Point