Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Federation X - American Folk Horror (2001) and X Patriot (2003)

American Folk Horror

Preview American Folk Horror Here
X Patriot

Preview  X Patriot Here
I admit, I'd never heard of these guys before, but what a mindblowing mixture of blues, stoner and metal! Everyone who has eclectic tastes or likes the Melvins, Killdozer and Jesus Lizard stuff, should give this a spin. Hail to the Sludgeswamp for turning me into this!

If you like your blues rock dark and sludgy, Federation X is the band for you. These guys have an off-kilter swagger similar to Jesus Lizard mixed with a bit of the "sick hick" shtick of Killdozer. They also occasionally tread on Sabbath-y sonic territory. There is never any soloing though, and this keeps the music more sinister sounding and prevents it from crossing the line into metal territory.

The music is heavily steeped in blues rock and has a raw, primal sound, and a rusty, post-modern edge keeps it from getting anywhere near boogieville. Things are kept even grottier and more guttural by the fact the trio is made up of two guitarists and a drummer. The songs are dark and black. This is some scary-ass shit.
(Both reviews from all.that.is.heavy)

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