Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Mess Hall - Notes From A Ceiling (2005)

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Sydney-based 'The Mess Hall' is a two-piece drums and guitar combo, they bring a kind of raw, edgy bluesy rock. The band consists of Jed Kurzel (vocals/guitar) and Cec Condon (drums/vocals). 'Notes From a Ceiling' was their third offer, it's an impressive album and suprisingly is the density of the sound that's given by such a two-piece band, danceable beats (listen to Disco1 or Disco2), a fuzzy guitar and reverb plastered cymbals varied with simple acoustic guitar and a lonely voice, yep, this cocktail I will not refuse. The Mess Hall is an outstanding band, a gritty down to earth garage/blues rock band and one of my favorites, that's for sure. Enjoy.

The Mess Hall on Myspace Preview Notes From A Ceiling Here


The Whale said...

Thanks for this, I have their feeling sideways Ep and love it, so I'm definitly going to check this out!

Pascalito's Way said...


I have 'Devil's Elbow' and 'For The Birds', but I don't have their EP, maybe you want share it?

Many thx in advance.
Grtz from a snowy Belgium

The Whale said...

No problem,that's what these blogs are all about. I'll try to upload it one of these days (also busy studying for my exams).

And I love the snowy weather, must be awesome at the coast of Bredene.

Pascalito's Way said...

Yeah, it's lovely (white dunes...)

Good luck with you exams, nevertheless I wish you some nice X-mas days.


Berserker Diabolus said...

link deleted :-(