Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cuban Heels - Gutbucket Music (2005)

Wow, here's another lil' gem sended by our friend Ron, Cuban Heels, a sleazy garageblues fivesome from the Netherlands. You can't get enough of the dirtiest blues, well, than you should grab this gritty, primal and soulful platter immediately. Influences going from Howlin' Wolfs blues and Ray Charles'soul to the garagerock of The Stooges and The Sonics, this is garage blues full of soul at its purest. Once again, thank you very much Ron.
New link!

Cuban Heels on Myspace Download Gutbucket Music Here

All credits to Ron.


Pascal Thunder said...

Hey Pascalito, the link is dead, please Re-up. hanx.

pascalito said...

Hi 'Gasoline Man'
New link available, enjoy.


Pascal Thunder said...

Merci Pascalito et merci Ron, très grand disque!!!

stoner_man said...

Magnifique disque, quelle découverte.

Merci à toi.

Pascalito's Way said...

Merci beaucoup stoner_man,
et un grand merci à Ron.