Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Blackwater Fever - Abused Blues EP (2006)

front cover
And here's another damn fine EP, 'Abused Blues' by The Blackwater Fever. This Australian guitar/drum two-piece have shared (international) stages with The Black Keys, The Datsuns, Black Diamond Heavies, Bob Log III and recently Heavy Trash. If you are familiar with those names, you will know what to expect on 'Abused Blues', if not, here are some keywords: heavy, raw, garage, blues & alt-country.

The Blackwater Fever on Myspace Download Abused Blues EP Here

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Guitarman said...

Great ep indeed, but I have a question. I used your Rapidshare download, and I noticed a bit of an issue in sound quality on one of the tracks. After about 1:02 into the song "Breakdown", a series of peculiar popping noises can be heard, culminating in one particularly loud and distracting pop at about 1:05. Some of these noises sound vaguely like computer warning message noises. I was wondering if these noises were present in the original recording, or if it is just an error in your Rapidshare upload.