Friday, December 11, 2009

Pearlene - Pearlene (2003)

front cover
So, I am back home again. I've noticed that you guys and girls loved the Pearlene-album (approx. 100 DL's in one week, which is quite a lot for this blog), so here is Pearlene's debut album, 'cause this must be heard.....Swaggering out of a burgeoning Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati metro rock scene, Pearlene is a blast of psychedelic blues boogie drawing from the voodoo of the Mississippi Delta, the acid drenched rants of Captain Beefheart, & the punk edge of early Gun Club. Enjoy!

Pearlene on Myspace Download Pearlene Here


Pascal Thunder said...

Welcome back Pascalito.
Thanx for Pearlene.

Ron said...

Welcome back en VET bedankt weer P.
ik zal er alles aan doen om dit weekend weer iets jouw kant op te krijgen!