Friday, July 10, 2009

The Spores - Imagine The Future (2006)

front cover
back cover
The Spores are Molly McGuire’s (lead vocals, bass, keys), known for her session work for Queens Of The Stone Age (Songs for the Deaf), Mark Lanegan (Bubblegum), she also played in Nick Oliveri's Mondo Generator and Dave Catching's Yellow # 5. On guitars, loops and keys we have Greg “Stunbunny” Biribauer known for his engineering for bands like At the Drive-In, Queens of the Stone Age, Sublime..., Chris “Cpen” (DJ) and Eric Micheal Pearson on drums. With such an impressive CV, you'd expect the dark Palm Springs-stonerrock sound here, but nothing of all that, this is electro doom-pop... injected with a warm desert sound...

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