Thursday, July 30, 2009

Porch Ghouls - Porch Ghouls EP (2001)

front cover

The Porch Ghouls are a Memphis, TN, four-piece that cross-breeds pure, unpolished southern blues with the gritty energy of punk rock and come up with a fusion they call "Ruckus Music." The group faced a number of personnel changes in Memphis before settling on a stable line-up of Eldorado Del Ray on Dobro guitar and lead vocals, Slim Electro on electric guitar, Randy Valentine on harmonica, and Duke Baltimore on percussion (mostly an amplified suitcase). This rare and hard to find self-titled EP was their first release, in 2003 followed by their first full-lenght ' Bluff City Ruckus'. This EP contains cover versions of R.L.Burnside, Little Richard, Willie Dixon...

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