Friday, July 24, 2009

Kickin' Ass - Always Going Fast (2009)

Finally, back home again. Let's start the weekend with Kickin' Ass, a rock'n'roll combo hailing from Spain. You wanna hear some rock'n'roll drenched with equal parts stoner and punk. Well, what are you waiting for, you should check these guys on their Myspace and download their album immediately. Yeah, that's right, you can download the entire album (and their previous releases) for free on their Myspace-page. If you have the opportunity, go to their show, buy a T-shirt or so, they really deserve it. They know how to play the rock'n'roll, those guys have the right spirit!

Download Kickin' Ass on their Myspace

Note: Kickin' Ass, I wish you guys a lot of gigs, a lot of booze and smoke, plenty groupies... you know, all things a band can wish. Cheers...

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