Sunday, July 5, 2009

God Machine - Purity EP (1991)

front cover

One of my favourit bands of all time, The God Machine, formed in the early nineties in San Diego. They split up in '94, after the sudden death of bassist Jimmy Fernandez. The 'Purity' EP was their first release. Thank you very much, Pazzyryck.

-The Blind Man
Original versions, later re-recorded for "Scenes From The Second Storey"

The God Machine on Myspace Download Purity EP


greun said...

this band is one of the greatest ! but the encoding is just a piece of shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!

pascalito said...

@greun, will check this, those are my uploads, but I've received the songs from Pazzyryck.

Ron said...

Chills down my spine, this was a great band this was, witnessed them on Pukkelpop Hassel Belgium, they opened the festival, brrr what
a great day that was !!!!

Grtz. Ron

pascalito said...

Yep, it was.
was it '92 or '93, fww that's a long time ago.
Btw, had you problems with downloading or unpacking this file?
Grtz Pascalito

greun said...

it's not the DL or pack Pascalito, it's the quality sound cause it's overdrived or distortioned..
btw Tell this to Pazzyryck ..
see ya

Ron said...

P. het is luisterbaar, maar inderdaad een tikkeltje te hard opgenomen, neigt naar oversturing.