Thursday, July 16, 2009

The High Plane Drifters - Georgian Ghosts, Archer Street Blues and The Candy Factory (2007)

Founded this in my shoutbox, what a surprise, thanks Sandy. The High Plane Drifters are a guitar and drums duo based in the North East of England....This is raw and gritty garage psyche-blues. Damn, this two-piece brings an explosive hi-energy psychedelic garage blues, this is just f**king amazing, you need to play this loud!!! They've shared the stages with bands such as The Soledad Brothers, Immortal Lee County Killers.... Currently on tour in the US. (with The Black Diamond Heavies). If you're lucky, go to see them, it seems that their live-set is pretty awesome too. Sandy, once again, thank you very much for sharing this.

The High Plane Drifers on Myspace Download HPD...
Note: I will be offline for one week (work). See ya!

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