Friday, July 31, 2009

Eldorado and the Ruckus - Planet of the Vampires II (2005)

From Porch Ghouls to Eldorado and the Ruckus, it's a small step. Eldorado and the Ruckus is led by Eldorado Del Ray, former singer/guitarist from the ulta-raw, bluesy punk outfit Porch Ghouls (see my previous post), assisted by Alabama's duo The Immortal Lee County Killers. 'Planet of the Vampires II' is their first offer, recorded at Sam Phillips' famous Sun Studios in Memphis. Keywords are: raw, blues, punk, rock'n'roll, garage. You should definitly check these guys, you won't regret it.

Eldorado and the ruckus on Myspace Download Eldorado from Musical Mojo
Downloadlink from Musical Mojo.
Joop, once again, thank you soooo... much!

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паша кошляк said...

sorry, but link is wrong — it's to 2001 «Porch Ghouls» 10" EP… ((