Monday, July 27, 2009

Davila 666 - Punales, Pildoras y Otras Formas De Entretenerse (2008)

front cover

Finally, back in 'business', it was quite a hilarious weekend. Davila 666, describing themselves as like "Menudo on drugs," San Juan, Puerto Rico's Davila 666 combine Stooges-like garage rock fire with the occasional sugary pop melody, Spanish psychedelic rock'n'roll powerpunk. The seven Davilas include singer/tambourine player Sir Charles, multi-instrumentalist AJ, guitarists/vocalists Miss Davila and Johnny Otis, drummer/guitarist/vocalist San Pablo, percussionist/vocalist Panda, and guitarist/drummer/vocalist Gigi. Their theatrical live show -- which includes themes, props, costumes, and dancers -- won them fans in the States when they toured with the Black Lips and the King Khan & BBQ Show.

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William said...

As of today, you're the only one with a working link for this album.