Sunday, January 11, 2009

Molten Universe - Volume Two (2000) / Re-Up

Another re-up, the second compilation from Molten Universe and, so far I know, their last one. Volume 1 had only Swedish Bands, but on Volume 2 there's also contributions from the rest of Scandinavia, and there 's even a band from Belgium (Massis). A few songs are exclusive to this compilation.

1.Dozer - Thunderbolt
2.Dear Mutant - In Space
3.Transport League - Speedhead
4.Ridge - Fuelle
5.Massis - Edendust ( get it)
6.Pawnshop - Amazone
7.Sunride - The Earthmover
8.Demon Cleaner - Damned Dodge
9.Coyote - Drunken Master
10.Freedom Bleeder - Breathing
11.Honcho - Hypnopilot
12.Betty Goes A Go-Go - In Charge
13. Zerocharisma - Taboo
14.Stabb - Night Load
15.Sideburn - Rainmaker
16.Greenleaf - Sold My Lady (out the back of an Oldsmobile)

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