Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mogul - Build Me A Hunchback (2008)

Is there a Californian desert in Flanders? No, of course not, mostly there's solid clay. For the guys of Mogul that doesn't matter, they've made with 'Build Me A Hunchback' a good stoner album. So what else is there to say, well there's plenty guitar fuzz on it, the vocals are great, the drums are what they should be and the bass player knows his stuff and adds some nice extra tones to the album. The album starts off rocking with 'Sick&Tired' and then slides into the easy 'Return The Blues'. The latter of the two is a relaxed song that just has this great bluesy-stoner feel to it. The album keeps on rocking with as a highlight the song 'Side Kick', but maybe my personal favourite is the last song on the album, but that doesn't matter, it's just a very solid stonerrock album!

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