Friday, January 16, 2009

Acrimony - Hymns To The Stone (1994)

'Hymns To The Stone' is Acrimony's debut (from 1994), released on Godhead Records. This Welsh quintet brings you some monolithic down-tuned riffs mixed with extended space rock jams ('Whatever' or 'Spaced Cat #6'). They've recorded 'Tumuli Shroomaroom' in 1997 (a real stoner masterpiece) and a few EP's, before they, in 2001, decided to split up.
01. Leaves Of Mellow Grace
02. The Inn
03. Second Wind
04. Spaced Cat#
05. Urabalaboom
06. Herb
07. Magical Mystical Man
08. Whatever
09. Cosmic A.W.O.L.

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The Whale said...

Thanks for this, I only know tumuli shroomaroom so.