Monday, January 12, 2009

Hooghwater - Hooghwater (2008)

Another brilliant Dutch stonerrockband, Hooghwater (silly band name and ditto cover art), but it's the music that's most important, isn't it?
In early 2007 Joseph Meurs and Chris Blankers (from punk band Restless Youth) started a new band . First without drummer, but later with Ries Doms (The Spades). The resulting sound is a mix of heavy stoner and psychedelica, some say you'll hear influences of early Motorpsycho (especially their 1st track). Just get it and judge by yourself.

01. Hard Rain Fell
02. When They Arrived
03. Knocked on Our Door
04. Stole the Soul
05. Burned Our City

Thx 2 Ron

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