Tuesday, June 30, 2009

King Automatic - Automatic Ray (2005)

front cover

King Automatic the transgallactic one-man band from France, drummer of Thundercrack, one of the best and most famous trashy raw rock'n'roll bands from France with roots in the fantastic squares, use to work together with Wild Billy Childish and apears on the US ESTRUS Label.. now Jay aka King Automatic , hits the stage with his one man band... not just another one-man band it's THEE-ONE MAN BAND, him alone with loads of equipmend such as kick drum, snare, hi hat, farfisa organ, samples, microphone and the guitar... he's like one whole band a totaly full in your face sound from only one man !!! (Review found somewhere on the net)

Just let him X-Ray your brain with one of the most powerfull and bluesy trash one-man band in the world !!!

King Automatic on Myspace Download Automatic Ray

Our thanks goes to Peter from Greece.


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