Wednesday, June 3, 2009

72blues - (She Like The Fux) Like Electrolux (2006)

'Detroit's 72Blues is a delta-electro rock n' blues band paying homage to the great blues artists of the early 20th century. The band celebrates 'tradition' and 'authenticity' with their roots firmly planted in American heritage but saturate their blues with a stinging-sweat style of attitude and delivery, making the 72Blues sound - all their own. 72Blues deliver a blend of down south and signifying honky rawkin-blues; celebratin' old time traditional music, swing blues, delta blues, rock blues and nail it to the cross with original and contemporary sensibility. This mob of musicians hen peck and scuffle a devilish blend of country-blues, swamp-blues, gospel rhythms, cotton field chants, gospel-blues and prison-blues. Devil music meets Divine intervention you might say! 72Blues arrived with their highly acclaimed debut CD release 'Said I Would' of 2005, with 11 wickedly raw tracks streamed together seamlessly rejoicing in a 70 minute sinner's sermon. Followed by their sizzlin' 2006 single 'She Like The Fux, Like Electrolux' recorded in Melbourne, Australia and their latest 'Detroit Border City' EP recorded with legendary producer Jim Diamond of 'Ghetto Recorders Studio' in Detroit, Michigan' (from their Myspace).

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Pascal Thunder said...

Un des disques que je cherchais en vain, merci l’ami.

pascalito said...

Avec beaucoup de plaisir. Est ce que vous avez peut-etre 'Detroit Border City' EP de 72blues ?