Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jawbone - Hauling (2006)

front cover

back cover

Jawbone is a one-man blues/garage/punk band based in Detroit, Michigan. He released two albums so far, Dang Blues (2004) and Hauling (2006). If you dig Bob Log III or Delta Mississippi blues style, you'll enjoy this!!! JAWBONE. IS OVER-DRIVEN. 12 VOLT DCENHANCED. NON-OSCILLATING. SIX STRING.HARMONICANIZED. SLIDE-BLUES. HOLLERSTOMPS. OF 2-HEADED DOGS. HANDS WITH6 FINGERS. TOMBSTONE CHEVYS. JAPANESEZEROS. HOLY. COCA-COLA. DONKEY OIL.THE GERMAN. FLU. DEATHBED REDEMPTION.RUSSIAN. COAL MINES. AMEN (quote from his Myspace). A huge thx to Pascal Thunder

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