Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Drive Like Maria - Elmwood (2009)

Drive Like Maria is a new Belgian/Dutch rock band. Their debut album is named to a place in Dallas where John Congleton (Black Mountain) did the mixing and recording. You'll hear clearly the influences of QOTSA, Led Zeppelin and Triggerfinger. Additional vocal by U.S. singer-songwriter Janis Ian.
Visit their Myspace here.
And remember, buy some stuff or go to their shows, support them in every way, they really deserve it. Highly recommended.
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Insane Riez said...

Thank you for this one. I saw them on TV last week. They're quite cool!
But quit the coverflow thing for the album images.

pascalito said...

Why? Don't you like the reflections?

Insane Riez said...

When I use your images in coverflow, I have a double reflection. ;-)