Thursday, March 12, 2009

72blues - Said I Would (2005)

72Blues were a good time dirty delta rock n' roll blues band that went dog-gone strong on some rough roads for over 6 years. The band originated from Melbourne, Australia and featured Lizzy Ray on vox, Reggie Ray on drums (originally from Windsor/Detroit, also from Melbourne's highly acclaimed Konqistador), Ben Hall on bass and Grant Emery on guitar. 72Blues delivered no less than a stinging blend of down south and signifying honky rawkin-blues; celebratin' old time traditional music, swing blues, delta blues, rock blues and nailing it with original, contemporary pop sensibilities. This mob of musos hen pecked and scuffled a devilish blend of country-blues, swamp-blues, gospel rhythms, cotton field chants, gospel-blues and prison-blues. (from their myspace)


Pascal Thunder said...

Hey man, thanx for this record.
Salut depuis Paris

pascalito said...

Thanx, it's for you guys I'm doing this!
I'm searching the '...,like electrolux' single by 72blues and the 'Konqistador' albums.
When I grab these albums, I'll post those too.