Saturday, December 27, 2008

Drunkabilly - Labelsampler vol.2 16 Hits! (2008)

If you like speedrock, rockabilly or psychobilly or rather surf, you will certainly love this album.
This second sampler gives you a nice overview what the Drunkabilly label has to offer!


The Whale said...

cool, I posted the first drunkabilly labelsampler a while ago. I also have the second speedball jr. and it's in my list to upload (though it might take a while with my exams and stuff like that).

pascalito said...

That's fantastic, i was searching their second album for a while.
Good luck with your exams, and a happy new year.

The Whale said...

Well I was searching the first, I have it on vinyl but can't rip it to my computer so thank you for this.